The Ministry



Dr. LaToya K. Williams is a multifaceted leader who functions under the mantra “Free 2 Be ME”.  She serves in various capacities, such as preacher, mentor, life coach, and entrepreneur.  Along side her husband, Bishop Jeronn C. Williams, she serves as the First Lady and Pastor General of New Life International Family Church in Decatur, Georgia.  Here she works diligently in the service of the Lord and helps to ensure the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the ministry is accomplished.  In addition to serving in ministry with her husband, Dr. Williams travels frequently preaching and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.   In addition to being a multifaceted leader, Dr. Williams and her husband, Bishop Williams are the proud parents of an amazing son, Jeronn C. Williams, II.

 Dr. Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and through the knowledge gained through education and experience, she serves as a therapist working with individuals and couples assisting them through the stages, transitions, phases and challenges of life.  She also utilizes her proficiencies to empower others through workshops, trainings, and life coaching.

Because of her commitment to God and her heart for his people, Dr. LaToya K. Williams is known to all as a woman who truly exemplifies the grace, humility, wisdom, and strength of knowing and walking with God.  Along with being a wife, mother, and pastor, Dr. Williams is a preacher, mentor, motivational speaker, therapist, and entrepreneur.  Dr. Williams founded Free 2 Be ME in 2007 and has been dedicated in her endeavor to change the world, one person at a time! 



As one takes passage from one stage to another on the journey of life, the confidence in one’s purpose in life and the ability to accomplish it sometimes fades away and appears bleak. Life’s challenges, disappointments, tragedies, and circumstances tend to divert us from the journey of purpose toward roads of fear, insecurity and doubt. Over ten years ago, I was set on a journey that was unimaginable, inconceivable, yet full of purpose. However, because of my life experiences I found myself on that dreadful road that restricted and constrained me and diverted me from the purposeful life. I was young, uncertain and clueless to the gifts, talents, and abilities that were innate within me because of the restricting nature of fear, insecurity, and doubt. But, along my journey, I encountered people, places, and things that began to chisel away at my walls of restriction and unfettered a woman who could declare “Free 2 Be ME”! 

As I continued on my journey of life, I realized that there were so many women, and even men, who were full of purpose, vision, ideas, designs, and innovations but were limited by the fearful, doubtful, and uncertain constraints of society, family, and even the bonds of their own minds. This experiential journey birthed an organization called “Free 2 Be ME”. Free 2 Be ME, LLC began as an organization that helped to empower women of all ages, races, and backgrounds to function in their completely designed purpose without fear, insecurity, or doubt. Later, it evolved into a business that sought to do the same through the same people, places, and things that had unlocked me into purpose.